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Is a Houston or Harris County, Texas Divorce the Right Choice for You

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Is a Houston or Harris County, Texas Divorce the Right Choice for You?


Choosing to File for Divorce is Difficult

The decision to get married is a serious one, and most couples do not decide to get married with divorce in mind. Deciding whether to file for divorce in Houston or Harris County, Texas can be one of the most difficult decisions of your life. When you first consider divorce as an option, and you ask yourself “Is my Marriage Over?”, there is rarely a definitive yes or no answer. Granted, there are some circumstances when the spouses know that divorce is the only option, but more often than not it is not that simple.


Divorce Can Have a Far Reaching Effect

Whether a Houston or Harris County, Texas divorce is right for you needs to be considered not only in light of the impact it will have on your life, but also based on the impact it will have on people other than you. Obviously, the lives of your children and spouse will change, sometimes radically. You may not realize the strong effect divorce can have on your family members, your spouse’s family, and on your friends.  Economic resources available to you may change, the amount of time you have to spend with your children will change, and everyone around you will be dealing with uncertainty. Often friends and family take sides, which makes things even more difficult.


Divorce Proceedings Can be Highly Emotional

Divorces are, by their very nature, highly emotional. You can expect to experience a whole host of emotions, including but not limited to being upset, sad, fearful, worried, and regretful. When your emotions are strongly engaged it can be difficult to be objective and rational. Experienced divorce attorneys and family lawyers in Houston and Harris County, Texas understand this and will stand beside you to provide the support and objectivity you need.


Divorce Procedure Is Designed to Terminate the Marriage

You need to be sure your marriage is over before you file for divorce. Often a person believes that if they file for divorce it will motivate their spouse to change his/her behavior in a way they believe is better for the marriage, or in a way that will improve the marriage. In reality, this is rarely successful. Divorce procedure is specifically designed to terminate the marriage, and deal with all the issues necessary to accomplish this end, not to promote reconciliation.

If you want to be sure about divorce then first be sure you have done everything reasonably possible to save the marriage. Marriages can be complicated, and when your marriage is in trouble you can’t expect to be able to repair it on your own. You might find it helpful to: (1) talk to people who have a successful and happy marriage; (2) read books and articles on marriage; (3) speak with people who have been divorced; or, (4) seek help from your local place of worship. However, in order to take a more serious approach then you should consider professional marriage counseling which is intensive, frequent, and designed to force both you and your spouse to focus on the weaknesses in the marriage, and on how to repair them. Once you have exhausted all reasonable steps to save your marriage the decision of whether to file for divorce will be obvious to you.


An Experienced Houston and Harris County, Texas Divorce Attorney and Family Lawyer Makes the Difference

In practice for over 24 years in Houston and Harris County, Texas, Mr. McCarty has the divorce law expertise to protect and promote your interests, and to provide you with the objective advice you need.

If you believe your personal situation requires that you seek a divorce in Houston or Harris County, Texas then contact the Law Office of Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. at (713) 464-7000 to schedule an appointment with a divorce attorney and family lawyer to have your concerns heard and your case evaluated. Mr. McCarty is an experienced family lawyer and divorce attorney you can trust with over two decades of experience handling divorce and family law matters in Houston and Harris County, Texas.

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