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What is Divorce?

The legal termination of a marriage is referred to as Divorce. The Texas Family Code governs all issues concerning a divorce, including but not limited to conservatorship (or child custody), child support, spousal maintenance (or spousal support), possession and access (or visitation), the division of community (or marital debt) debt, and the division of community (or marital ) property.


Hire an Experienced Divorce Attorney to Safeguard your Rights

If you live in Houston or Harris County, Texas and have been served with divorce papers or want to obtain a divorce, it is imperative that you hire an experienced divorce attorney to safeguard your rights and provide you with objective legal advice during the divorce proceedings.

Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. is an experienced lawyer, in practice since 1992, who provides complete legal representation to his client’s seeking a divorce in Houston and Harris County, Texas.


Divorce Can Involve Conflict and Emotional Strain

Often times a divorce can involve significant conflict and emotional strain, particularly when there are children. Under these circumstances, it is critical that a person seeking a divorce speak with an experienced Houston and Harris County divorce lawyer. Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. is a dedicated divorce and family law attorney who advises his clients of their legal options so that they can choose how to proceed, and so that their rights are fully protected.

Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested ( agreed ) the process can be very complex.   Therefore, it is important to hire an experienced divorce attorney to ensure that your divorce matter is filed accurately and that it is handled in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Divorce Can Involve Difficult Decisions

Divorce involves many difficult decisions, including where you will live post-divorce, how your property and assets will be divided, and if you have children you will have to make decisions about custody, child support and visitation.

Who you choose as your Attorney can have a significant impact on the rest of your life, and the lives of your children. Choosing the wrong Attorney could be devastating to you personally and financially.

Attorney Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. has been practicing divorce and family law for over 20 years, and as a top Houston and Harris County divorce lawyer he can work with you to negotiate a reasonable settlement, or  to aggressively represent your interest in Court so that you can move forward with confidence through this changing time in your life.

Mr. McCarty has the skill and experience to represent you in all aspects of Divorce, including but not limited to the following:

Uncontested Divorce or Agreed Divorce

Have you and your spouse discussed all aspects of your divorce and reached agreement on how to handle each? If so, an agreed divorce or uncontested divorce may be the best option for you. Agreed divorces allow the attorney to use your retainer in an efficient and productive manner, and avoid the often overwhelming expense that can come with having to litigate or fight to resolve the issues. It allows the lawyer to identify the specific work to be done to start and finish the case, thereby giving you more certainty about the final cost of your divorce.

Contested Divorce

Not every divorce can be agreed. Often there are critical issues that cannot be resolved, such as child custody, valuation and division of assets, and/or fault grounds, to name a few. In these circumstances, you will have no choice but to pursue a contested divorce, and it is imperative that you choose an attorney who has the experience and confidence to guide you every step of the way. Local Houston and Harris County, Texas Attorney Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. is comfortable handling complex family law and divorce cases, and understands the importance of working hard to defend the rights of his clients.

High Net-Worth Divorce

Some divorce matters involve high net worth, and can include multiple properties and significant business interests. In this circumstance it is extremely important that you retain an experienced Houston and Harris County, Texas high net worth divorce lawyer as soon as possible. Divorces relating to individuals with high net worth can require significant discovery, forensic analysis, real estate evaluations and business evaluations. Because of these circumstances, a high net worth divorce is more complex and requires the skill of an experienced local divorce attorney such as Daniel E. McCarty, Jr..

Child Custody

When the spouses cannot agree on who will determine the residence and domicile of the child(ren) a divorce matter can become very contentious, and emotional. Often the parties are so consumed by the fight that they overlook the impact the fight is having on their child(ren). An experienced divorce attorney like Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. always keeps this mind, and bases his advice on this and other critical issues. The bottom line, if you are attempting to secure custody or just protect your parental rights you need an attorney with years of experience in the Houston, Texas and Harris County, TX area, and the confidence to advise you on how to proceed,or your outcome could be less than acceptable.

Child Support

The child(ren)’s best interest is the most important aspect of a divorce involving children. The very nature of a divorce with children means that the child(ren)’s lives are going to be forever altered. In this circumstance is imperative that you hire an experienced Houston and Harris County, Texas attorney who will make sure that the child(ren) receive(s) reasonable and fair economic support ( or child support). This can be achieved by insuring that child support is not to low, and by making sure the child support is not unreasonably high also. When dealing with child support issues it is critical that you hire a skilled Houston and Harris County, Texas divorce lawyer like Mr. McCarty so that your children will receive the proper financial support, which will in turn allow them to continue to maintain the high standard of living they deserve.

Division of Marital Assets – Equitable Division of Community Property

Over the course of a marriage, long or short, most spouses accumulate significant amounts of property. Some of this property is community property and some of this property is separate property. The proper valuation and characterization of this property is important. More importantly, such valuation and characterization can be extremely complicated when applying the tenants of the law. Because of this it is very important that you hire an experienced Houston, Texas and Harris County, TX property division attorney such as Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. to protect and defend your property rights.

Visitation – Possession and Access

If you are not the custodial parent you still have the right to visitation with your child(ren), provided the Court does not determine that you pose a danger to the child(ren)’s well being and/or safety. Pursuing and defending your right to possession and access can involve complex procedure and requires an extensive knowledge of the law. Attorney Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. has years of experience handling visitation issues and cases in Houston, Texas and in Harris County, TX, and advocating for his client’s visitation rights. He is dedicated to making sure his clients understand their legal rights, and that the parenting plan included in the final divorce decree or parentage order includes those rights.


Divorce Law Experience in Houston and Harris County, Texas Makes the Difference

In practice for over 25 years in Houston and Harris County, Texas, Mr. McCarty has the divorce law expertise you need to protect and promote your interests.  Mr. McCarty gives each of his divorce cases personal attention, and he will not pass your divorce matter off to a legal assistant or paralegal to perform the work that should be done by an attorney.

If you want an experienced divorce lawyer on your side then contact the Houston and Harris County, Texas Law Office of Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. today at (713) 464-7000 to schedule an appointment with Mr. McCarty.

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