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Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. is a Houston and West Harris County, Texas Probate Attorney and Estate Administration Lawyer who has over twenty (20) years of experience handling probate and estate administration cases for his clients. Mr. McCarty can assist you in estate administration (probate) or the after-death distribution of an estate to heirs and beneficiaries.

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Compassionate Care and Careful Management of Your Complex Probate Matter

Mr. McCarty understands that few things are more stressful than dealing with the loss of a loved one, and he works closely with his Houston, Texas and Harris County, TX clients to help relieve them of this burden. In working with his clients in the Houston and Harris County, Texas area, he understands that dealing with a complex probate matter is the last thing on their minds, because they are grieving.

He also understands that dealing with the death of a loved one is a complex legal process requiring careful management. This is why Mr. McCarty is committed to providing the compassionate legal assistance needed to manage your probate case.


Representing Your Interests by Identifying and Protecting Probate and Estate Assets

Mr. McCarty will use his expertise to protect your and your family’s interests, and he will assist you in identifying probate assets, finances, beneficiaries, and funds. He will help with all necessary documentation and/or filings required by the court, and he accompanies his clients to Court when necessary. Mr. McCarty will use his over 20 years of experience to facilitate your case, regardless of complexity.

Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. helps his Houston and Harris County, Texas clients understand that the probate process is more than a simple distribution of assets and debts; and, that it is, instead, a system of legal obligations and responsibilities that may require a client to make important decisions that are essential to the completion of the probate process.

Mr. McCarty gives his clients the confidence to make these decisions and complete the mandatory probate steps by: assisting them in understanding the requirements of settling an estate in the Harris County Courts, by helping them prepare probate documents required by the Harris County Probate Courts, and representing his clients during probate court proceedings in the assigned Harris County Probate Court.

Some of what Mr. McCarty does for his Houston and Harris County, Texas clients includes, but is not limited to:

  • Substantiating the validity of a Last Will and Testament
  • Preparing an inventory of probate assets
  • Opening the probate estate
  • Ascertaining debts, including taxes
  • Allocating property
  • Creating required bank accounts
  • Publishing proper notices to creditors
  • Ascertaining and notifying beneficiaries


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