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Spousal Support ( Maintenance ) is Available in Texas.

Texas spousal support law and how to calculate spousal support is governed by Texas statutes and has been clarified by subsequent appellate case law decisions.  

While there is no absolute formula for calculating spousal support in Texas, and there is no guarantee that spousal support (maintenance) will be awarded, there are definite rules which govern whether a Harris County District Court Judge may consider spousal support while the case is pending and post-divorce.  

Factors to Consider in Spousal Support Cases

When a Harris County District Court Judge has the statutory right to grant spousal support to a party there are factors every Judge must and/or may take into account when deciding a spousal support case.  

In order for you to be successful in your request for spousal support, or your request that spousal support be denied, you need an experienced local lawyer who understands how to handle a spousal support case in Harris County, Texas.. You also need a lawyer who understands the factors used to determine spousal support, and how they apply to your unique circumstance.

An Experienced Spousal Support Lawyer Can Protect Your Interests

Mr. McCarty has over two decades of experience handling cases in Harris County, Texas involving spousal support (maintenance), and is familiar with the factors used by Harris County District Court Judges in considering whether spousal support should, or should not, be awarded to a party.

If you hire an attorney who is not sufficiently familiar with Texas spousal support law and Harris County Court Procedure you may find yourself agreeing to pay spousal support when the Court could not have otherwise ordered it, or you may find yourself agreeing to accept spousal support in an amount that is below what is required and/or for a time period that is less than what you are entitled to under the circumstances.  DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

Paying spousal support when it is not required, or accepting too little support, will directly impact funds available to you on a month-by-month basis, possibly for years.  This can add up, and can be avoided with some advice from an experienced spousal support attorney.


Spousal Support Law Experience in Houston and Harris County, Texas Makes the Difference

In practice since 1992 in Houston and West Harris County, Texas, Mr. McCarty has the expertise you need in spousal support ( maintenance ) cases to protect and/or promote your interests.  Mr. McCarty understands the factors considered by Harris County Court Judges in deciding whether or not to award spousal support, and in what amount.

If you want an experienced spousal support attorney on your side then contact the Houston and West Harris County, Texas Law Office of Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. today at (713) 464-7000 to schedule an appointment with Mr. McCarty.

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